Critical Skills and Traits that Companies look for, in Prospective Employees

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Jan 31, 2023

After graduating from one of the good MBA colleges in Bangalore, it's time for you to enter the next phase of your life – embarking on your career. You are probably comparing your own academic scores with the scores that top companies look for. However, academic excellence and experience are only a part of what the recruiter expects, while hiring employees.

There are certain personality traits and skills that project you as a well-rounded candidate, whose interests extend to activities beyond the traditional space. Scroll down to discover more about the employability criteria expected by employers that will land you in an enviable job, straight after graduation.

Skills/Traits that Employers look for in Fresh Graduates

Some roles and organisations will be inundated with applications from qualified graduates from the best autonomous colleges. According to a recent The Times Higher Education report, acquiring a degree is necessary, but your skills and characteristics play a greater role, in getting you hired. Hence, you need to be proactive and look beyond your educational qualifications.

Here is a list of some critical skills that a young graduate will need to possess, to get placed in a reputed company. These will guide you in setting yourself apart in the competitive job market.

How to choose the right College?

  • Critical Thinking :
    Individuals with strong critical thinking skills tend to have a deeper understanding of solving problems and creating solutions by making better-informed decisions. Therefore, this quality will enhance problem-solving skills, reduce the chances of errors or inconsistency, and promote multiple perspectives in the workplace.
  • Communication :
    Good communication skills will ensure that all the team members experience consistent, meaningful and better conversation, fostering an inclusive and encouraging workspace. Employers value communication skills for better feedback, sharing of ideas, and building strong customer-client relationships.
  • Team Player :
    Being a team player is a primary personality trait that will help you function well with your peers and colleagues. Employers prefer candidates from top MBA colleges in Bangalore who can collaborate and get along with various personalities and effectively interact with clients, and, on occasions, external contractors.
  • Dependability :
    Recruiters want employees who will show up on time and give their best to every project, complying with the established rules and regulations. Being dependable means that the candidates are responsible and value their job, expectations and performance.
  • Positive Spirit :
    Employers believe that candidates who have a positive entrepreneurial spirit are innovators focused on new ways to accomplish tasks, even in the face of challenges. The essence of this attitude is that one can formulate innovative responses while anticipating changes and resolve to deliver value, higher productivity and success to the organisation.

Summing Up

The first step in your career development process is to learn what employers need and what they are looking for. Academic excellence is not the end-all in prospective employability in this increasingly competitive world. Much of the interview process involves convincing the recruiters that you have the necessary skills, passion and personality traits. These can be acquired only from the best placement college in Bangalore.

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