5 Reasons to Choose Mechanical Engineering as a Career Option

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Apr 22, 2021

Today, engineering has become the most sought-after degree course for bright students all over India looking forward to building a secure yet demanding career in the future. Even though they’re around 200 subtypes of engineering, mechanical engineering is still the King of them all. MVJCE is the mechanical engineering colleges in bangalore

So, what makes mechanical engineering the evergreen choice of youngsters of all generations? Read on!

What is Mechanical Engineering?

Mechanical engineering is one of the broadest and oldest engineering disciplines in the world. It can be defined as a branch of engineering devoted to designing, developing, building, and testing mechanical systems by combining engineering physics and mathematics principles with materials science.

Or in simple words, mechanical engineering deals with the design and manufacturing of a product, right from planning to marketing. For that, a mechanical engineer should be able to determine the best approach when it comes to the product’s functionality, aesthetics, and durability so that you can build a system without any failure.

Sounds complex, right? So, why is there always a high demand to choose mechanical engineering as a career? Let’s see.

Top 5 Reasons to choose Mechanical Engineering as a Career

  • Growing demand for Mechanical Engineers
    Mechanical engineering is such a discipline where there will always be a demand for skilled engineers. According to a recent report, the employment of mechanical engineers is projected to grow 9% by 2026, which is comparatively high considering the present scenario.
  • Wide range of career options
    Mechanical Engineers have more career options than any other engineering graduate. They can go for a job in:
  • Aerospace Industries
  • Automotive Industries.
  • Construction Industries
  • Armed Forces
  • Production units or Manufacturing Industries
  • Government Agencies

According to a popular job searching website ranking, the top 6 career options for mechanical engineers based on income are:

  • Automation engineer
  • Research and development engineer
  • Senior mechanical engineer
  • Senior design engineer
  • Powertrain engineer
  • Instrumentation engineer
  • Global opportunities
    Mechanical engineers have high demand worldwide since all the countries require skilled mech professionals who can contribute to their growth. If you are looking forward to work in foreign countries, Germany and the US have the highest demand for mechanical engineers, and they are top in terms of pay.
  • Top salary
    According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a mechanical engineer in India is around ₹435K per year, which is relatively high.
Programme Detail

This can go as high as ₹50 lakh depending on different factors like years of experience, industrial expertise, academic credentials, certifications, and of course, the passing institute.

Aeronautics and nanotechnology are the top two industries that offer the highest salaries for mechanical engineers.

  • Build a better future for you and the world
    Right now, the world is facing various challenges, including after-effects of the pandemic, global warming, cyber-attacks, lack of enough clean water and food, and over-exploitation of energy resources. As a mechanical engineer, you can help humanity have a better future with the right innovation. And this is what matters more than the factors like success and money that come with the mechanical engineering career.

Where can I study Mechanical Engineering?

Therefore, without a doubt, mechanical engineering is one of the most in-demand engineer jobs. And you must choose the 'right' engineering college to become a professionally successful mechanical engineer. And MVJ College of Engineering is the best option for you.

MVJCE Mechanical engineering colleges in bangalore

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