Top-paying Emerging Careers in Computer Science

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Nov 21, 2022

Computer Science is a rapidly expanding and evolving field, serving the needs and interests of various industries, from service to production. More than any other field, Computer Science finds a lot of practical use in all the devices and gadgets around us, right from the cars we drive to the crimes the police solve. However, you need a good engineering college to tap into this stream of opportunities. Armed with a Computer Science degree, one can be assured of lucrative careers with large pay packages, as well as job satisfaction as it provides one the opportunity to transform the world around him. Computer Science might be the perfect career path for those with an aptitude for critical thinking and problem-solving. The top-ranking computer science engineering colleges in Bangalore like MVJCE can help you get started. Recently, Computer Science has become one area encompassing many businesses with its wide range of applications. But this also makes compiling an entire list of computer-based jobs and salaries difficult and hectic. However, all careers in Computer Science come with considerable pay packages and have excellent prospects for interested individuals. So, let’s look at the top 5 best-paying careers in Computer Science and their salary packages (as of 2022). Top 5 Highest paying Careers in Computer Science

  • Principal Software Engineer Principal Software Engineers can be the top executives in an organization, supervising and managing the company's technological components and functions. They are key software architects responsible for scaling projects while maximising performance and productivity. Even for a fresh graduate, this job title offers the highest CSE compensation, with an average annual salary of ₹24,70,453 LPA, in India.
  • Software Architect Software Architects create, coordinate and manage a company's technical data. They create web services, user interfaces, coding programs, databases, and desktop applications tailored to their client's needs and preferences. They also oversee all stages of software development, by collaborating with product managers, software engineers, and marketing professionals. The average annual salary of Software Architects in India is ₹23,65,615 LPA.
  • Computer Scientist Computer Scientists create and maintain computer-based tools, to improve a company's business operations and productivity by conducting extensive research in technological fields such as AI, VR, and robotics. They typically collaborate with IT experts such as software developers, electrical engineers, and others, to create new software/hardware and computing techniques. Also, they spend most of their time solving complex computing problems to customise the user experience. The average annual salary of Computer Scientists in India is ₹19,99,795 LPA.
  • IT Project Manager IT Project Manager IT Project Managers organise, plan and integrate large-scale, cross-functional projects while managing the tasks of administrative and IT professionals. Their primary role is to fulfill their client's needs and keep meeting them frequently to review their projects' requirements, status, and solutions. The average annual salary of Computer Scientists in India is ₹16,33,745 LPA.
  • Site Reliability Engineer Site Reliability Engineers ensure that good production systems and user services operate without interruptions. They collaborate closely with the IT development and operations teams to complete various tasks. Their work requires developing and implementing services, to increase the efficiency of IT and operations, creating incident management tools, resolving support escalation issues, and utilising automation tools to enhance real-time collaborative response. The average annual salary of Computer Scientists in India is ₹13,54,614 LPA.

These are some of the high-paying careers in Computer Science, as of 2022. If you are looking for engineering colleges with the best placements in Bangalore, it will be a good idea to consider joining MVJCE. Why should you choose MVJ College of Engineering? MVJ College of Engineering based in Bangalore, India, is one of the top 10 engineering colleges in Bangalore, for Computer Science. It was founded in 1982 with various undergraduate and graduate course options. The college specialises in basic sciences, computer science, electrical science, and mechanical science. Visit the MVJCE website to learn more about the Computer Science programs available at this college.

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