Guest Lecture on Distress in Concrete Pavements – Causes, Precautions and Solutions, on 11th February, 2021


Feb 11 2021 ,


9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

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A Guest Lecture on ‘Distress in Concrete Pavements - Causes, Precautions and Solutions’ was organized by the Department of Civil Engineering, MVJCE, on 11th February 2021, at 9:00 am, in Seminar Hall 4. Around 60 students and faculty members from the Department of Civil Engineering participated in this program. This seminar was intended to stimulate the knowledge of budding Civil Engineers, on Concrete Technology, Pavement construction, Repair and Rehabilitation, especially those from the streams of Structural Engineering and Transportation Engineering. The program was so designed to particularly address recent trends as well as problems associated with Concrete Technology and also to provide the direction on interdisciplinary problems analysing. This program focused on increasing the awareness on Industry adaptation to Concrete Technology and repair works that are being implemented in the present scenario, providing possible solutions and conclusions on different practical problems with limited applications.

The Guest Lecture started with the arrival of the dignitaries on the dais. The dignitaries present were Dr. Ramachandra V (Joint President - Technical, Ultra Tech Cement Ltd., Mumbai), Dr. P Mahabaleswarappa (Principal, MVJCE), Dr. N Vetrivel (Head of Civil Engineering Department, MVJCE) and Prof. Muralidhara R (Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, MVJCE). The Master of Ceremony was Prof. Apoorva Kiran (Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, MVJCE). Prof. Muralidhara R delivered the welcome address, welcoming the Chief Guest, and introduced him to the gathering with a brief speech about him. He also welcomed the Principal, Head of Civil Engineering Department and everyone present in the gathering. The opening remark was given by Principal, Dr. P Mahabaleswarappa.

The session was then taken over by the Guest Speaker Dr. Ramachandra V. He started by elucidating the difference between Bituminous pavements and Concrete pavements, with their merits and demerits. He gave the comparison of Concrete pavement shares in some developed countries. He briefed on the present status of Concrete pavements in India. He shared his experiences as an Engineer in laying concrete pavements in Bengaluru and other cities, and the challenges faced during and after the construction. He gave many examples of Concrete pavements that have been laid across the country, the causes of distress and the possible solutions. He broke many myths of theoretical concepts employed in the practical applications. He presented many real time images showing the different crack patterns and the necessary treatment to overcome the issue. The session culminated with a Q/A session. Overall, the session was very interesting and informative.

The vote of thanks was proposed by Dr. N Vetrivel, extending gratitude to the esteemed Guest Speaker for his presence and for giving an excellent session, to the Management of MVJCE for providing the opportunity to organize such events, to the Principal Dr. P Mahabaleswarappa and Vice Principal Dr. M Brindha for their constant support and encouragement.

Outcome of the Event:

The seminar provided valuable inputs from this eminent Engineer who has vast experience in the field of Concrete Technology, Pavement Construction and Repair and Rehabilitation work. The participants also gained awareness of the current problems in the Civil Engineering field and the possible solutions. The program covered all the theoretical and practical aspects of the advancements in Concrete Technology and repair works, from basic research to the development of real-time field applications.