The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering at MVJCE provides post-graduate course on VLSI Design and Technology.

This course provides special focus on circuits, circuits’ design, very large-scale integrated systems, an integrated view of Material Science and Engineering. The entire course is divided into 4 semesters including both practical and theoretical classes for the students. The course majorly involves subjects like Analogue IC Design, Embedded System Design, Signal Processing, Hardware Description Languages and so on.

Graduates have an opportunity to embark on a lifelong career of personal and professional growth and take up this advanced courses at the post graduate level. PG in Electronics and Communication Engineering (VLSI Design and Technology) is a 2-year programme designed to prepare engineering graduates who have comprehensive knowledge about the integrated circuit design, which is also known as chip design. It aims to prepare the skilled graduates who know the key aspects of VLSI Design which is required in VLSI domain industries. Through this programme, graduates will develop an in-depth understanding of semiconductor devices, VLSI circuit design and verification, FPGA design, fabrication process, along with hands-on experience on leading EDA (Electronic Design & Automation) tools. The evergreen VLSI domain is for design and verification of electronics systems and circuits and its applications are found in areas like Communications System, Signal & Image Processing, Space Research and Automation Industry.

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Various advantages are associated with VLSI engineering like the job flow is good with a good salary. VLSI experts have the top and best companies to recruit them, like Taxes Instruments, Samsung, Intel, Qualcomm, etc. The scope of a VLSI engineer is in high demand; therefore, the engineers are highly paid with a handsome salary and high living standards.


The VLSI engineering field is very exciting as it is increasing in demand for the semiconductor industries that are incorporating hard to bring artificial intelligence and machine learning chip for accelerating in the computing world. The major motivation for becoming a VLSI engineer is the digitalize world which includes several electronic chips and devices. Every electronic and technical device has an integrated circuit that is utilized as basic gates, amplifiers, microprocessors, memories, etc., which are high in demand, increasing the scope for VLSI engineers.

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