The Placement Cell at MVJCE facilitates between the corporate and the student for recruitment. More importantly, it is geared to understand corporate requirements and develop students who are employable. In the 4 years of engineering at MVJCE, this is accomplished through 160 additional hours of targeted training. Our programmes are designed to improve confidence levels, analytical thought, presentation delivery, communication skills and technical know-how.

MVJCE’s Placement Cell is supported by group discussion rooms, interview rooms, seminar halls, and more than 400 computers with 10MBPS dedicated internet and LAN connectivity that can be utilised for online tests.


1 Sai Harshitha B 1MJ20CS181 CS 1Lattice
2 AMULYA B 1MJ20EC011 EC 1Lattice
3 Samhitha K G 1MJ20IS088 IS 1Lattice
4 Vishakha Kashyap 1MJ20CD042 CD 1Lattice
5 Vishal singh 1MJ20CS242 CS 1Lattice
6 Manish Rajpurohit 1MJ19EC070 EC Technologics Global
7 Rashmitha M H 1MJ20CD025 CS Technologics Global
8 Gannu Kumar Mahato 1MJ20CS069 CS Technologics Global
9 Karan Kuttappa U A 1MJ20EE009 EE Technologics Global
10 Mousom Bhui 1MJ20ME016 ME Technologics Global
11 Deepak Jain 1MJ20CS055 CS SAP
12 Vinutha DK 1MJ20EC146 EC Intellipaat
13 P Hima Satwika 1MJ20EC086 EC Intellipaat
14 Infrancis Alastair 1MJ20ME007 ME Johnsons Control
15 Prashant Reddy 1MJ20ME018 ME Johnsons Control
16 HEMANTH M 1MJ20EE005 EE Johnsons Control
18 Ambika P 1MJ20CS019 CS SPOCLEARN
19 Anjali Jadhav 1MJ20IS012 IS SPOCLEARN
20 Ashley Evangeline George 1MJ20CS031 CS SPOCLEARN
21 B S Shreya 1MJ20IS015 IS SPOCLEARN
22 Bhoomika S B 1MJ20EC019 EC SPOCLEARN
23 Chathurya H 1MJ20EC025 EC SPOCLEARN
24 Delin Jose 1MJ20EC030 EC SPOCLEARN
25 Dhanya Shree DU 1MJ20IS024 IS SPOCLEARN
27 Harish Y T 1MJ20EC042 EC SPOCLEARN
28 Harshitha B V 1MJ20CS083 CS SPOCLEARN
29 Harshitha Rajesh 1MJ20AI039 AIML SPOCLEARN
30 Krishna Kumar Singh Solanki 1MJ20CS100 CS SPOCLEARN
31 M Rahul Chowdari 1MJ20CS110 CS SPOCLEARN
32 Pooja V 1MJ20CD022 CD SPOCLEARN
33 Roshni Kumari S 1MJ20IS079 IS SPOCLEARN
34 Sanika Gowda D R 1MJ20CS191 CS SPOCLEARN
35 Shrikanta 1MJ20CD033 CD SPOCLEARN
36 Sindhu B 1MJ20IS096 IS SPOCLEARN
39 Sunayna Murthy 1MJ20IS001 IS SPOCLEARN
40 Surabhi N 1MJ20IS102 IS SPOCLEARN
41 Tanisha Kishan 1MJ20CS216 CS SPOCLEARN
42 Tanvi Y 1MJ20IS105 IS SPOCLEARN
43 Zoya khanum 1MJ20IS117 IS SPOCLEARN
44 Samhitha K G 1MJ20IS088 IS SPOCLEARN
45 AKSHAT NAVGEKAR 1MJ20EC008 EC Movidu Technology
46 Varun C 1MJ20EC139 EC Movidu Technology
47 JYOTHI B U 1MJ20CS091 CS Movidu Technology
48 Srushti V Sannakki 1MJ20IS100 IS Movidu Technology
49 M RAHUL CHOWDARI 1MJ20CS110 CS Movidu Technology
50 Shrikanta 1MJ20CD033 CD Movidu Technology
51 Rashmitha TR 1MJ20CS167 CS Movidu Technology
52 Nagraj HM 1MJ20EC078 EC Movidu Technology
53 Dhanya Shree DU 1MJ20IS024 IS Movidu Technology
54 sonia sarkar 1MJ20EC123 EC Movidu Technology
55 Rachana Kulkarni 1MJ20CS160 CS Movidu Technology
56 Prateek Roy 1MJ20CS148 CS Movidu Technology
57 KARTHIK VR 1MJ20IS042 IS Movidu Technology
58 Mohammed Abdallah Ali 1MJ20CS121 CSE Movidu Technology
59 Rohit kumar singh 1MJ20AI035 CS Movidu Technology
60 Ramya V 1MJ20IS074 IS Movidu Technology
61 SONIYA S GOWDA 1MJ20EC124 EC Movidu Technology
62 Hemanth M 1MJ20EE005 EE Movidu Technology
63 Anushka 1MJ20CS026 CS Accolite Digital
64 Amisha 1MJ20CS020 CS Accolite Digital
65 Harithik Choudhary 1MJ20IS031 IS UST
66 Lakshay J 1MJ20CS103 CS UST
67 Pooja A Prajapati 1MJ20IS065 IS UST
68 Sumadhava Anand Gudi 1MJ20CD036 CD UST
69 Debjit Saha 1MJ20CS051 CS UST
70 Utkarsh Suneela 1MJ20AI047 AIML UST
71 Abhishek 1MJ20IS004 IS UST
72 Mohammed Khameeruddin 1MJ20CS122 CS UST
73 Ratnesh Kumar Puskar 1MJ20CS168 CS UST
74 Tanush R 1MJ20CS218 CS UST
75 T Sathvik 1MJ20CS220 CS UST
76 Raghamala Pamanji 1MJ20CS140 CS Musigma
77 Akshat Rai 1MJ20IS008 IS Musigma
78 DEEPTHI M 1MJ20IS023 ISE Musigma
79 Niharika S 1MJ20CS135 CS Musigma
80 Manvitha s Jain 1MJ20IS046 IS Musigma
81 yeshmitha mahadevan 1MJ20EC150 EC Musigma
82 SAGAR J 1MJ20AE061 AE Qspiders
83 Mohit Sharma 1MJ20CS251 CS Qspiders
84 Kshama 1MJ20IS044 IS Qspiders
85 Rashi R 1MJ20CS166 CS Qspiders
86 Vinay b V 1MJ20AI049 AIML Qspiders
87 Ashutosh Ranjan 1MJ20CS032 CS Qspiders
88 Jyoshna Ediga 1MJ20CS090 CS Qspiders
89 Pavithra GS 1MJ20CS143 CS Qspiders
90 Priyanka 1MJ20EC096 EC Qspiders
91 RAKSHITA R K 1MJ21EE403 EE Qspiders
92 Kishore Kumar K R 1MJ20EC059 EC Qspiders
93 Harshitha B V 1MJ20CS083 CS Qspiders
94 Rishab Kokanay 1MJ20CD026 CD Qspiders
95 Ambika P 1MJ20CS019 CS Qspiders
96 VISHAL CHOUHAN 1MJ20CD043 CS Qspiders
97 Indisha Gupta 1MJ20AI018 AIML Qspiders
98 Ratnesh Kumar Puskar 1MJ20CS168 CS Qspiders
99 Tejaswini.S 1MJ20CS219 CS Qspiders
100 Sandhya 1MJ20CS189 CS Qspiders
101 Divyansh raj 1MJ20CS059 CS Qspiders
102 S Vishnu 1MJ20EE019 EEE Qspiders
103 Rashmi A R 1MJ20AI032 AIML Qspiders
104 Rachit Chauhan 1MJ20CS161 CS Qspiders
105 H M Deepti 1MJ20CD013 CS Qspiders
106 M R Rakshitha 1MJ20EE011 EE Qspiders
107 GAYATHRIDEVI P 1MJ20IS029 IS Qspiders
108 Ganesh R 1MJ20CS068S CS Qspiders
109 ARSHIYA AHMED K 1MJ20AE015 AE Qspiders
110 Madhurima Das 1MJ20CD016 CD Qspiders
111 Hithesh K P 1MJ20IS037 IS Qspiders
112 RISHU RAJ 1MJ20CS170 CS Qspiders
114 Nagaraj HM 1MJ20EC078 EC Westline Shipping
115 ABHINAV ARUP DATTA 1MJ20EC002 EC Westline Shipping
116 AKSHAT ANIL NAVGEKAR 1MJ20EC008 EC Westline Shipping
118 GOKUL VINAYKUMAR ANAND 1MJ20EE002 EEE Westline Shipping
119 Chetan Rao V 1MJ21EE400 EEE Westline Shipping
120 Punith B B 1MJ20EE017 EEE Westline Shipping
121 KARAN AIYAPPA KUTTAPPA 1MJ20EE009 EEE Westline Shipping
122 Basavesh Lakshmi Prasad K L 1MJ20EE900 EEE Westline Shipping
123 ROHIT GAURANGA BORO 1MJ20ME022 ME Westline Shipping
124 Prateek Roy 1MJ20CS148 CS Edureka
125 Rohith S Siddeshwara 1MJ20CS173 CS Nagravision India Pvt Ltd
126 Mohit Sharma 1MJ20CS251 CS Nagravision India Pvt Ltd
127 Narendra Reddy CS 1MJ20IS057 IS Nagravision India Pvt Ltd
128 Mumtaz Firdouse 1MJ20IS053 IS Nagravision India Pvt Ltd
129 Sagar S Hegde 1MJ20IS085 IS Nagravision India Pvt Ltd
130 Prathviraj G Hegde 1MJ20CS150 CS Nagravision India Pvt Ltd
131 Burhan Ud DIn 1MJ20CS046 CS Nagravision India Pvt Ltd
132 Prasanna Suresh Hegde 1MJ20CS147 CS Nagravision India Pvt Ltd
133 Abhinav Datta 1MJ20EC002 EC Nagravision India Pvt Ltd
134 Sameena Khanum 1MJ20CS249 CS Nagravision India Pvt Ltd
135 Revanth C 1MJ20IS076 IS Nagravision India Pvt Ltd
136 Allwin Joseph 1MJ20EC010 EC Nagravision India Pvt Ltd
137 Sakshi S Ganiga 1MJ20CS185 CS Nagravision India Pvt Ltd
138 Varshitha K R 1MJ20CS231 CS Nagravision India Pvt Ltd
139 Bhavana S 1MJ20CS042 CS Nagravision India Pvt Ltd
140 Pavani B R 1MJ20CS035 CS Nagravision India Pvt Ltd
141 Indisha Gupta 1MJ20AI018 AI Nagravision India Pvt Ltd
142 Ambika P 1MJ20CS019 CS Nagravision India Pvt Ltd
143 Aishwarya C 1MJ20CS011 CS Nagravision India Pvt Ltd
144 Mallikarjun 1MJ21EE401 EEE Audaz Ventures Private Limited
145 N.B.ASHWINI 1MJ21EE402 EEE Audaz Ventures Private Limited
146 Nikhil satish 1MJ20IS060 ISE Audaz Ventures Private Limited
147 Praveen Siddappa kattimani 1MJ20EC095 ECE Audaz Ventures Private Limited
148 Rakshita r k 1MJ21EE403 EEE Audaz Ventures Private Limited
149 Revanth Yadav R 1MJ20EE018 EEE Audaz Ventures Private Limited
150 Rohan shankrappa dodamani 1MJ20EC100 ECE Audaz Ventures Private Limited
151 Yogana B S 1MJ20EE025 EEE Audaz Ventures Private Limited
152 Bindushree NM 1MJ20IS017 ISE Stratogent
153 Lavanya MS 1MJ20EC062 ECE Corizo Edutech Pvt. Ltd.
154 Aishwarya P 1MJ20EC005 ECE Corizo Edutech Pvt. Ltd.
155 Afifa Mehnaz S 1MJ20EC004 ECE Corizo Edutech Pvt. Ltd.
156 Madhu shree. B 1MJ20CS112 CSE Corizo Edutech Pvt. Ltd.
157 Likitha R 1MJ20CS108 CSE Corizo Edutech Pvt. Ltd.
158 Princy Sengar 1MJ20CS153 CSE Corizo Edutech Pvt. Ltd.
159 Farzan Khan 1MJ20CS062 CSE Corizo Edutech Pvt. Ltd.
160 Harshitha S 1MJ20CS084 CSE Corizo Edutech Pvt. Ltd.
161 Trishalu P 1MJ20CS223 CSE Corizo Edutech Pvt. Ltd.
162 Prarthana C 1MJ20CS146 CSE Corizo Edutech Pvt. Ltd.
163 SHLOK SHAILESH DUMBRE 1MJ20AS036 AE Corizo Edutech Pvt. Ltd.
164 P Tirumal Abhishek P Shivasaikumar Naidu 1MJ20AS025 AE Corizo Edutech Pvt. Ltd.
165 Rquhiahah Nuzhath 1MJ20AE059 AE Corizo Edutech Pvt. Ltd.
166 Varshitha J 1MJ20IS112 ISE Corizo Edutech Pvt. Ltd.
167 Vinod Kumar R 1MJ20IS115 ISE Corizo Edutech Pvt. Ltd.
168 A Sunayna Murthy 1MJ20IS001 ISE Corizo Edutech Pvt. Ltd.
169 Anushka 1MJ20CS026 CSE L&T Finance
170 Akshat Rai 1MJ20IS008 ISE L&T Finance
171 Vishakha Kashyap 1MJ20CD042 CSE-CD L&T Finance
172 Sai Prasad Wali 1MJ20CS182 CSE L&T Finance
173 Jathin D 1MJ20IS034 ISE L&T Finance
174 Prateek Roy 1MJ20CS148 CSE L&T Finance
175 Zoya Khanum 1MJ20IS117 ISE L&T Finance
176 Pooja A Prajapati 1MJ20IS065 ISE L&T Finance
177 Ciciya Sebastin 1MJ20AI010 AIML L&T Finance
178 Bhavana S 1MJ20CS042 CSE L&T Finance
179 Ashutosh Ranjan 1MJ20CS032 CSE L&T Finance
180 Deeksha Chamoli 1MJ20CS052 CSE L&T Finance
181 Nathasha D Souza 1MJ20EC080 ECE L&T Finance
182 Sai Harshitha B 1MJ20CS181 CSE L&T Finance
183 K Amitha 1MJ20CS092 CSE Sysfore
184 Bindhu K B 1MJ20CS045 CSE Sysfore
185 Akshat Rai 1MJ20IS008 ISE Sysfore
186 Hithesh K P 1MJ20IS037 ISE Sysfore
187 Vishnuprasad PJ 1MJ20CS243 CSE Sysfore
188 Mahalakshmi VS 1MJ20CD017 CSE-CD Sysfore
189 Harsh Vikram Tey 1MJ20EE003 EEE Intellipaat
190 Rachanagouda Patil 1MJ21EC408 ECE Stanza Living
191 NITHIN G 1MJ21ME408 ME GET automobiles
192 PAWAN SINGH.B 1MJ20ME019 ME GET automobiles
194 Sandeep R 1MJ19ME053 ME GET automobiles
195 MANOJ KUMAR M 1MJ20ME014 ME GET automobiles
196 Karan Kuttappa U A 1MJ20EE009 EEE SKC Environ Lab Pvt Ltd
197 Mallikarjun 1MJ21EE401 EEE SKC Environ Lab Pvt Ltd
198 Gokul Anand 1MJ20EE002 EEE SKC Environ Lab Pvt Ltd
199 Revanth Yadav R 1MJ20EE018 EEE SKC Environ Lab Pvt Ltd
200 Sandeep Jagadeesh 1MJ19EC112 ECE Zircle
201 Ritu Rani 1MJ20CS171 CSE Idemia
202 Yashashwini B 1MJ20CS246 CSE Idemia
203 Akash Amogasidda Pujari 1MJ20CS014 CSE Idemia
204 Mohammed khameeruddin 1MJ20CS122 CSE Maventic
205 Pavan Kalyan Reddy 1MJ20CS141 CSE Maventic
206 Harish Y T 1MJ20EC042 ECE Quest Global
207 Briteney Naomi 1MJ20EC021 ECE Quest Global
208 SHREYA TANDON 1MJ20IS092 ISE Keystride labs
209 Aysha Bangara 1MJ20CH006 CH AGT Petroleum Bunkering L.L.C
210 Sandeep Jagadeesh 1MJ19EC112 ECE Deloit
211 Muskan 1MJ20IS054 ISE White Matrix
212 Sneha H 1MJ20EC121 ECE White Matrix
213 Sonia sarkar 1MJ20EC123 ECE White Matrix
214 Anupam Kumar 1MJ20CS024 CSE White Matrix
215 Ankit Akassh 1MJ20CS022 CSE White Matrix
216 Ashutosh Ranjan 1MJ20CS032 CSE White Matrix
217 Uzma Takkalki 1MJ20AE072 AE Capgemini
218 Anusha 1MJ20AS003 AS Capgemini
219 RAKSHITHA G 1MJ20AE056 AE Capgemini
220 Gloria Dennies 1MJ20AE027 AE Capgemini
221 Gauri Saxena 1MJ20AS013 AS Capgemini
222 ARSHIYA AHMED K 1MJ20AE015 AE Capgemini
223 Avishka Vishwas Patil 1MJ20AE016 AE Capgemini

Additional Placements

Constant interactions with organisations from different industries and across the country ensure that the student and the Institute are always aware and knowledgeable of changing trends in the corporate world.

Our placement division assists students with recruitments and creates opportunities through projects, seminars, guest faculty from various industries, internships and any other Industry-Institute Partnership of which the students can be a part.

MVJCE targets 100% placement for all eligible Institute graduates, and has consistently achieved this goal.

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Visiting Each Year


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Board of Governor

Associated Companies

Over the last 5 years more than 200 companies have visited and recruited students from MVJCE. Some of our top recruiters :

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