The National Education Policy 2020 recently adopted by the Government of India envisages quality education to all youngsters, with the main aim of grooming good, thoughtful, well-rounded and creative individuals. NEP 2020 also advocates developing character, ethical values, constitutional values, intellectual curiosity, scientific temper, creativity and all other associated virtues. Higher education should lead to preparing students to face the society boldly, to have more meaningful and satisfying lives and work roles, and also enable them to have economic independence. It means that the students have to become holistic individuals, acquiring the set of necessary skills and values, during their studies. Therefore, an educational institution has to focus on, and work towards the incorporation of all the necessary skills in a progressive manner at each stage of learning, during the course of the higher education.

The Policy envisions a complete overhaul and re-energizing of the higher education system, to overcome some of the challenges prevailing in the system and make serious efforts towards delivering high-quality education, with equity and inclusion. One of the key requirements to meet this objective is moving towards faculty and institutional autonomy, revamping curriculum, pedagogy and assessment, student support for enhanced student experiences, and also reaffirming the integrity of faculty and institutional leadership positions.

MVJ College of Engineering: Background and Present Status

Established in 1982, MVJ College of Engineering has completed 40 years in imparting quality engineering education, in the city of Bangalore. The College is approved by AICTE - New Delhi, affiliated to VTU - Belagavi and recognized by UGC with 2(f) & 12(B) status. MVJCE has come a long way since its modest beginnings. Today, it is ranked among the front-line Engineering Colleges in Karnataka. The secret for this achievement is that it has evolved constantly, keeping pace with changing times and technologies. Notably, the College was conferred with Autonomous Status from the Academic year 2019-20.

The tagline of MVJCE was coined right at the inception in 1982: ‘Engineered for Tomorrow’, with the aim to train the students, and to impart education beyond the curriculum, to meet tomorrow’s challenges. Since its founding, MVJCE has evolved, and perfected a unique approach towards knowledge delivery for all programmes. The Institute initially started with undergraduate programmes in four disciplines in 1982, with a modest intake of 200. Subsequently, the Institute got approval for more programmes over different academic years, and has grown by leaps and bounds in the last 40 years.

During the last two decades, MVJ College of Engineering has been continuously introducing several innovative programmes in a progressive manner, to expose the students to more industry related activities, and prepare them to be Industry Ready by the time they move out of the college. While introducing such specific activities, the sole objective has been to equip the students to face the demands of the Industry. These activities are in addition to their regular curriculum and academic activities, and are carefully crafted and implemented to expose the students to the practical aspects of Engineering, to nurture innovation, instil critical thinking and encourage hands-on training. The appropriate structuring of these programmes was always properly guided through detailed deliberations in the Governing Council. These programmes gained popularity, year after year in the campus, thus attracting a large number of students.

The details of the programmes and their structure are given below:

  • Idea Box - Innovation
  • Tomorrow’s Engineers – Engineering Solutions to Societal Problems
  • Tinkering Lab – Experimenting and Conceptualizing
  • UAV – Developing Drones
  • Astronomy – Exploring outer Space
  • Robotics and Industrial Automation Lab – Designing Robots
  • IoT – Connecting the world
  • FSIPD –From Ideas to Product
  • Software Development - Coding your ideas
  • LabVIEW – Graphical Programming
  • CNC Programming – Advanced Manufacturing

These programmes vastly helped to inculcate creative and innovative thinking in students, to train them to develop problem-solving skills, and also to give them an opportunity to design and develop meaningful projects that provide solutions to some of the societal / industrial problems. Considering all the above MVJCE has revamped its curriculum, taking into consideration the recommendations of

  • NEP 2020
  • AICTE (Model Curriculum)
  • UGC
  • VTU
  • National and Societal requirements

We have incorporated all the suggestions and designed a new curriculum in which all the innovative activities (verticals) are given credits, to recognize students’ innovative ideas.

The aspirations of MVJCE have been to build effective programmes which will enable the meticulous transformation of students, transforming them into highly motivated graduates and postgraduates, enriched and armed/equipped with professional competence, managerial skills, built-in dynamism and humanism. MVJCE has always been quality conscious, and continuously strives to attain higher levels.

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