SWAYAM ‘16, annual social and cultural festival of MVJ College of Engineering is a platform for all students of engineering colleges from Karnataka and other states to contend, showcase and prove their excellence in extracurricular activities. Promising an unforgettable experience with a plethora of intriguing events, SWAYAM has always managed to be one of the major crowd pullers. It’s a two-day extravaganza featuring various occasions that ensures the entertainment of the audience with events like Stunt Biking, concerts by prominent bands and DJ Bashes.

Last year SWAYAM ’15 with a theme revolving around “Social Networking”, experienced a gigantic response compared to its precursors with accomplishment of its main objective of taking it to a National scale. With a net prize money worth of Rs.4,00,000/-, the fiesta last year witnessed new events like Paintball, Football, RJ Hunt and Graffiti, receiving maximum number of registrations. A few evets like Just Dance and Voice of MVJ, the registrations were closed as we had surpassed the maximum limit. Other events like Indian Light Music, Battle of Bands, Group Dance, Halla Bol also received an amazing response. A special mention to the student organizing teams for their gung-ho spirit in spite of their diurnal exhaustive schedule to expose and instill one’s interest in extra curriculum.

This year SWAYAM will give everyone an opportunity to embrace themselves with a popular theme of “Comic Con” to be held on 4th and 5th of May 2016. We are back with a bang to make people revel in belief of a hero within us and unleash it. With an array of new upcoming events like Gullly Cricket, Face Painting along with our standard events as per last year we aim to enhance the legacy of SWAYAM.

Events of Swayam 2016

Main events

  • Paint Ball,Bangalore, IN - MVJ

  • Gully Cricket,Bangalore, IN - MVJ

  • Battle of Bands,Bangalore, IN - MVJ

  • Kick off,Bangalore, IN - MVJ


Contact Us

Faculty Coordinator :
Naimunnisa : +91 9986039967

Student Coordinators :
Amey Kulkarni : +91 9480311579
Saugata Singh : +91 7204131268

Developers :
Saurav Sen
Chandan M.S