Sports - MVJCE

Where else can you learn discipline, responsibility, self confidence, sacrifice, and accountability? And have fun while you do it?

We encourage and train our students to participate in national and international tournaments. Our dedication to sports extends to hosting the Dr M V Jayaraman Memorial Cricket Tournament and Smt Rajalakshmi Jayaraman Intercollegiate Volleyball Tournament, both prestigious tournaments on the intercollegiate circuit. Our carefully selected college teams for Cricket, Basketball, Handball, Kho-Kho, Table Tennis, Badminton and Kabaddi represent MVJCE in various competitions across the state and have won many accolades making MVJCE one of the feared competitors in the university.

 The MVJCE Range

We have a wide variety of games, such as Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Hockey and Kho-Kho. There are also dedicated spaces for Indoor sports, including Table Tennis, Badminton, Weight Lifting, Power Lifting, Chess, and Carom. Our Outdoor facilities include a 200-metre athletic track and courts for Basketball, Volleyball, Handball, and Throw Ball. MVJCE also has a large indoor gymnasium facility with areas marked for Yoga, Weight Training and Cardio exercises.

 We Host

Dr. M V Jayaraman Memorial Cricket Tournament: This tournament is regarded among the best in the University. State-wide, colleges look forward to participate and take home the coveted and respected Dr M V Jayaraman Memorial Cricket Cup.

Smt Rajalakshmi Jayaraman Inter-Collegiate Volleyball Tournament: Initiated to develop and support volleyball, the tournament today is witness to participation in extensive numbers.

 Did you know?

  • We are ranked among the Top 5 engineering colleges, in the university for sports.
  • We were honoured by VTU for excellence in sports (2009-10)
  • We consistently win inter- collegiate cricket, volleyball, basket ball, table tennis, wrestling, judo, football and athletic tournaments