Research & Development Cell

The Research & Development (R & D) Cell of MVJCE facilitates and encourages research culture among the faculty and students. Its prime role is to create contacts with the real world and promote research through a range of publications. It enables a congenial environment for technological development and monitors the research activities of the college. The R&D Cell takes upon the responsibility of creating a work place to attract the best talent and strives continuously in pooling of skills and internal resources, creating strategy, overcoming limitations, and makes the College proud to be amongst the best institutions around the Globe. The R&D Cell aims to reach the Vision and Mission of the college. Faculties have submitted and received grants from various agencies such as DRDO, MNRE, AICTE, VTU, VGST, K-BITS, KSCST etc. since 2017. The publication statistics and citations are creditworthy. Obtaining patents is its one of the priority.

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