Innovations in the field of Communication and Navigation Satellites, High speed wireless data transfer, Active and Passive RF & Microwave Communication equipment have created a huge opportunity for Communication Engineers in the R & D sectors of reputed organizations. Fresh professionals from this discipline can aspire careers related to Wireless & Optical Communication, RF & Microwave Communication, Laser Communication, and other focusing areas of Communication, fabrication of prototypes, measurement and validation sectors, and quality control.

Some of the booming research areas that are coherent with modern industry trends can be summed up as follows:

  • Antennas and signal processing.
  • Advanced Computational Electromagnetics.
  • Artificial intelligence for wireless communications.
  • Intelligent and high-performance networking and service delivery.
  • MAC, RRM and RAN management.
  • Mobile network security.
  • New physical layer.
  • Theory and practice of advanced concepts in wireless communications.

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