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The department of physics is one of the established departments at MVJ College of Engineering since 1982. The department offers engineering physics course for first-year engineering students, imparting quality education by well experienced faculty. The department has well established research center under Visveswaraya Technological University.


To be a competitive center of excellence in teaching, learning and research to the standards of International Universities.


To provide the best training through teaching and research that enables the students to master the concepts in applied physics so that they can apply it in the trust areas of Engineering and technology and also to evoke their interest in advanced research areas.
  1. Engineering Physics (17PHY12/22)
  2. Engineering Physics Lab (17PHYL17/27)
Subject: Engineering Physics
Subject code:18PHYL22
CO102.1 Understand various types of oscillations and their implications, the role of Shock waves in various fields and Recognize the elastic properties of materials for engineering applications
CO102.2 Realize the interrelation between time varying electric fiels and magnetic field, the transverse nature of the EM waves anf their role in optical fiber communication
CO102.3 Compute Eigen values, Eigen functions, momentum of Atomic and subatomic particles using Time independent 1-D Schrodinger’s wave equation
CO102.4 Apprehend theoritical backround of laser, construction and working of different types of laser and its applications in different fields
CO102.5 Understand various electrical and thermal properties of materials like conductors, semiconductors and dielectrics using different theoritical models
Subject: Engineering Physics Lab
Subject code:18PHYL26
CO 107.1 Apprehend the concepts of interference of light, the diffraction of light, Fermi energy and magnetic effect of current
CO 107.2 Understand the principles of operations of optical fibers and semiconductor devices such as photo diodes and NPN transistor using simple circuits
CO 107.3 Determine the elastic moduli and moment of inertia of given materials with the help of suggested procedures
CO 107.4 Recognize the resonance concepts and its practical applications
CO 107.5 Understand the importance of measurement procedure honest recording and representing the data, reproduction of final results
Physics department has well established research lab funded by VGST, Govt. of Karnataka, actively involved in research on structural and size effects on optical and electrical properties of materials. Current PhD students registered under Physics R&D :  
  1. i) Ms. Sindhya Raghunath    : Photoluminescence studies of alkaline earth tungstate and Molybdates.
  1. ii) Mr. Rafeeque Ahmed       : Spinel structured Indates for solid state lighting applications.
iii) Ms. Sandhya                : Magnetic and Luminescence studies of monolayer transition metal dichalcogenides

Project Ongoing In the Department
In the year 2018-19, we have received a consultancy project on “Cryogrinding of Spices “for an amount of ₹1,00,000(one lakh only) under  Dr.Krishna Moorthy.
The project aims at designing a Cryogrinding system that can increase the essential oil retention in the spices by which the flavours are enhanced. The project is at the verge of completion. The experimental studies show that Cryogrinding system increases the oil retention by 152% compared to conventional methods.

Project Proposals

  • A Proposal has been submitted to NPOL in the field of underwater optical wireless communication by Dr.D.Bharath.

Faculty Paper Publications

  • Dr.Bharath has published paper "Studies on thermal nonlinear optical effects on cyclododecanone crystals for IR optical switching application" in Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics-Springer US in OCT-2018
  • Dr.Krishna Moorthy has published Two  papers  
  • “Simulation of Standing wave Thermo acoustic prime mover using Delta EC” , International Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews ,volume 5,Issue 3,July-Sept 2018,Page no:522-526
  •  “Simulation and experimental Studies of Twin Thermoacoustic Prime Mover” , International Journal of Engineering and advanced Technology, Volume 8,Issue 2,December 2018 Page no:192-194.
  • Dr.Krishna Moorthy presented  A Paper at the National conference “Imperative ideas in engineering And Science for a Paradigm shift “ organized by Gopalan college of engineering and Management on 17th August 2018.
  • Mrs.Uma Praveen has published a paper “Simulation of Standing wave Thermo acoustic prime mover with different working fluidsInternational Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews ,volume 6 ,Issue 1 ,Jan-March 2019,Page no:873-877

Sl. No.








Dr.Krishna Moorthy V


Assistant Professor

10 Years 5 Months



Dr. D. Bharath


Assistant Professor

7 Years 3 Months

Material science


Mr.Mohan Kumar C R


Assistant Professor

5 Years 10 Months

Material science


Mrs.Anannya Dutta


Assistant Professor

4 Years 11 Months

Material science



Mrs. Rasmita Behara

M.A,M.Phil ,B.Ed

Assistant Professor

20Years 3 Months

The Language of Media and its role.



Dr. Umesha K

M.A., B.Ed., Ph.D

Assistant Professor

11 Years 4 Months

Kannada Literature


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