IPR Cell of MVJ College of Engineering was established on 08/10/2012 to take care of the activities related to patent filing and evaluation, copyrights, design and other intellectual property rights.

Intellectual Property refers to creations of the mind: inventions, literature and artistic works. Intellectual Property Rights include: Patent, Copyright, Trademark, Industrial Design, Integrated Circuit Layout, Geographical Indicators, and Trade Secrets.

  • To create an awareness about IPR among the faculty and students.
  • To conduct workshops and seminars on IPR.
  • To educate faculty about the procedure of patent filing.
  IPR Cell has conducted seminars and workshops for the faculty and students to enhance research and patenting culture at MVJCE.

The IPR Cell at College helped file two Indian patents.

The IPR Cell consists of the following members
Chairman: Dr. N Gunasekaran, Principal
Member Secretary: Prof Brindha M, Vice Principal

Cell Members:
Prof S C Gupta, Professor, Department of Aeronautical Engineering
Dr. HameemShanavas I, HOD, Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering
Dr. A K Satheesh Babu, Registrar
Prof. Karemulla, Assistant Professor, Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering
Prof. Premalatha P, HOD, Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering
Dr. V Venkatesham, Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering
Dr. RamdasBalan, HOD, Department of Physics
Prof. Manimozhi I, HOD, Department of Computer Science Engineering
Prof. Anupama (Co-ordinator), Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering

Workshop on Awareness of IPR & Patents PDF
Workshop on IPR PDF
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Workshop on IPR for Students and Faculty Members PDF
Workshop on IPR for Students and Faculty Members PDF
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