IPR Cell of MVJ College of Engineering was established on 08/10/2012 to take care of the activities related to patent filing and evaluation, copyrights, design and other intellectual property rights.

Intellectual Property refers to creations of the mind: inventions, literature and artistic works. Intellectual Property Rights include: Patent, Copyright, Trademark, Industrial Design, Integrated Circuit Layout, Geographical Indicators, and Trade Secrets.


  • To create an awareness about IPR among the faculty and students.
  • To conduct workshops and seminars on IPR.
  • To educate faculty about the procedure of patent filing.

IPR Cell has conducted seminars and workshops for the faculty and students to enhance research and patenting culture at MVJCE.

Cell Members:

SI. No Name Role
1 Dr. Suresh Babu V, Principal Chairman
2 Dr. A C Niranjanappa, Dean (Research) Member
3 Dr. Remashan Kariyadan, Professor, ECE Member
4 Dr. M Brindha, Vice Principal Member
5 Dr. M Thilagaraj, ASP, IIoT Member Secretary

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