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What is Education? Does it extend beyond the giving and receiving of information, skills and knowledge?

The Definition of Education

Education is the act or process of educating or being educated, developing powers of reasoning and judgement, to prepare for life. And it takes a visionary - someone with unusually keen insight - to truly understand the depth and breadth of what is needed.

Dr. M V Jayaraman was teacher-scholar-musician. Above all, he was a visionary. He sought to deliver value and excellence in education across disciplines. He founded the Venkatesha Education Society in 1970.

Dr. M V Jayaraman first began a Teacher Training College. Today MVJ Group of Institutions impart a range of skills and knowledge, including Engineering, Medicine, Management, Teacher Training, Nursing, Primary and Secondary Education.

There are two lasting bequests we can give our children: One is roots and other one is wings.

– Hodding Carter
William Hodding Carter, II (1907 – 1972) was a prominent Southern US progressive journalist and author.

MVJ Group of Institutions

  •   MVJ Medical College & Research Hospital
  •   MVJ College of Engineering
  •   MVJ Polytechnic
  •   MVJ Pre-University College (Whitefield)
  •   MVJ Institute of Nursing
  •   MVJ College of Nursing
  •   MVJ College of Education
  •   MVJ International School