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Data Science is a fast-evolving discipline that centres on the acquisition, curation, and analysis of data.

The field of Data Science is experiencing rapid and Unanticipated growth, spurred by the proliferation of complex and rich data in Science, Industry, and Government. The amount of data being produced and captured is constantly growing, at an exponential rate. Data Science is a great opportunity to develop next-generation technologies, that will enable one to store, manage, analyze, share and understand the huge volumes of data that are generated in the business.

The B.E. program in Data Science is a modern discipline designed to meet the increasingly aggressive demand for qualified Data Scientists, in virtually every sector of the economy. A career in Data Science is one of the fastest growing career opportunities in the country, as companies find themselves at the crossroads of possessing the technology and wherewithal to gather massive amounts of data, but lacking skilled scientists who can tell them what the data means and how to use it to tweak their business practices.

The curriculum of the Data Science program is an ideal balance of fundamental / foundation, core and elective courses. Students will learn about Data Mining, Information Retrieval, Data Centre Networking, Deep Learning, Big Data & Hadoop, Data Analytics, R language, Python etc.

The program is based on a credit structure with 22-24 credits per semester, totalling to around 180 credits over for the entire B.E. program. Every subject taught will have lectures, practical’s and tutorials, as per requirement. The course content of the program is reviewed every year, with industry inputs and participation.

A career in Data Science offers a great deal of job satisfaction along with excellent compensation. A qualified Data Science Engineer has excellent career prospects. The program offers opportunities to seek employment in prestigious organisations like Accenture, Honeywell, Genpact etc.,

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