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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is a hot topic in the Tech industry. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is impacting the business world in a big way.

Around $300 million in venture capital was invested in AI start-ups in 2014, a 300% increase from the previous year. AI is everywhere, from gaming stations to the maintenance of complex information at the workplace.

Computer Engineers and Scientists are working hard to ingrain intelligent behaviour in the machines, to make them think and react to real-time situations. AI is transiting from just a research topic to the early stages of enterprise adoption. Tech giants like Google and Facebook have placed huge bets on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and are already using it in their products. But this is just the beginning, over the next few years, we may see AI steadily drift into one product after the other.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are trending topics these days, but they are also nomenclatures which are confused. Machine Learning (ML) is a subset of Artificial Intelligence. ML is the science of designing and applying algorithms that are able to learn things from past cases. Based on a behaviour pattern in the past, it will be possible to predict future outcome.

ML can be applied to crack tough issues like detection of credit card fraud. It can enable self-driving cars and face detection and recognition. ML uses complex algorithms that constantly iterate over large data sets, analysing the patterns in the data, and helping machines to respond to different situations for which they have not been explicitly programmed. The machines learn from the history, to produce reliable results. The ML algorithms use Computer Science and Statistics to predict rational outputs.

The Curriculum is an adequate balance of fundamental / foundation, core and elective courses. Students will learn about Python, Machine Learning Algorithms, AI Algorithms, Deep Learning, Hadoop, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision etc.

The program is based on a credit structure with 22-24 credit per semester, totalling to around 180 credits over for the entire B.E. program. Every subject that is taught will have lectures, practicals and tutorials, as per requirement. The course content of the program is reviewed every year, with industry inputs and participation.


A career in AI and ML offers great job satisfaction, combined with excellent compensation. A qualified AI and ML Engineer has excellent career prospects. The program offers opportunities to seek employment in prestigious organisations like Microsoft, Accenture, Honeywell, Genpact, Mu Sigma etc.,

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