Alumni - MVJCE

Did you know that the root of ‘alumnus’ is the verb alere, which means ‘to nourish’?

What we aim to do

The Institute aims at building a strong alumni network to enable:

  • All students graduating from MVJCE to be in sync with the activities and growth of the Institute.
  • An environment of sharing between alumni and current students for information and experiences.
  • An increase in corporate interaction from exposure to a variety of industry verticals.
  • Inputs from alumni in building a Institute of international repute.
  • Create a community to share experiences and memories about time spent at MVJCE.

MVJCE Alumni Association

The 2nd Saturday of May is earmarked as MVJCE Alumni Day. This is an all-day meet creating an opportunity for alumni, current students and faculty to interact and bond. This day is celebrated with a mixture of cultural events and talks by alumni, students and faculty. Discussion on industry trends, opportunities and Institute development initiatives form the crux of the talk. It is also a day for alumni to relive their days at the Institute and share memories and experiences during their stay at the college and post their graduation.

The MVJCE Alumni Association is a formally registered body. Membership is automatic upon completion of courses under any programme at the MVJCE campus.

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