Research & Development Cell

The Research Council was establishment in 1982 at MVJ College of Engineering. It stood as one of the Premier Institutes in the State of Karnataka, for its sharp and serious academic practices, inspiring environment, and noteworthy performances of its alumni.  Individual research has evolved quite well in the campus. The publication statistics and citations are creditworthy.

  The MVJCE Research Council facilitates and encourages sponsored research among the faculty.  The prime role of the council is to create contacts with the real world and promote research through a range of publications.  It enables a congenial environment for technological development.  Obtaining patents is its priority. The Council aims to reach the Vision and Mission of MVJCE, under the able-guidance of our Chief Advisor, Dr. V. Bhujanga Rao.

  At MVJCE, everyone wish to take challenges, serve the nation with its insightful research, and work towards achieving goals based on discussions and consultations. The Council takes upon the responsibility of creating a work place to attract the best talent and strives continuously in pooling of skills and internal resources, creating strategy, overcoming limitations, and make the College proud, to be among the best institution around the Globe.

  Functions of the Council
  • Identification of thrust areas of research in each department
  • Advice and encourage the faculty to carry out research in-house and in collaboration with other organizations
  • Visit various departments and meet the faculty to encourage and motivate them to undertake research projects and to scrutinize the proposals before submitting to funding agencies
  • Identification of physical and human resources to carryout research
  • Identify the budgetary requirements and resources for funding the research
  • Review the progress of research and offer necessary guidance whenever required
  • Monitor and propose the funding from college budget for promotion of research activities
  • Identify different organizations/ industries to undertake collaborative research on current topics of mutual interest

  Additional Duties of the Council
  • Scrutinize minor and major research project proposals to be submitted for sponsored project funding organizations such as UGC, AICTE, DST, DRDO etc.
  • Monitor and assess the progress of sponsored research projects.
  • Review and monitor academic progress of candidates registered for Ph.D. /M. Tech. / M.Sc.
  • Advise and arrange Seminars / Conferences / Workshops.
  • Promote and encourage interdisciplinary research
  • Establish technology incubation centres/ Research centres/ Centres of excellence.
  • Advise the faculty and find the suitability of research results for journal publication/ patenting/ product generation/ solve societal problems.
  • Encourage young faculty members to register for Ph. D. in the College or at various reputed academic institutes

  Research Promotion Policy at MVJCE
  • Create a Special Institutional Research Wing over viewing all R&D and academic Ph. D. / PG activities.
  • Provide laboratory, library/e-library and internet for computing
  • Establish department-wise R & D laboratory
  • Provide need based financial support for research activities
  • Organize workshops, Seminars, conferences at national or international level
  • Provide incentives and encourage research related activities like reduction in teaching load, duty leave, TA/DA to the faculty for presenting their research activity at various Conferences/Seminars
  • Sanction special leave as and when required for good progress of research
  • Provide Personal Laptops on concession basis to carry out personal research
  • Give due consideration in promotion and salary advancement on paper publication/ Getting patents etc by laying out standards based on citation indices, impact factors, quality of patents etc.
  • Encourage to write and forward research proposals for financial support to different funding agencies and announce incentives once the project is sanctioned

  R&D Profile at a Glance
MVJCE has shown its excellence of research in different fields of engineering.  More than 30 Grant in Aid Projects have been completed in the last few years. Some of the areas of research interest of the faculty are cited here.
  • Electrophoretic deposition of epoxy Nano-composites (DRDO)
  • Effect of corrosion on the concrete infrastructure and its durability (VGST)
  • Experimental studies on complex swept rotor blades (DRDO-ARDB)
  • Investigation of effects and hazards of wind flow on buildings in multiple arrangements using CFD (VTU)
  • Application of biotechnology & insect aerodynamics in micro aerial vehicle (CSIR)
  • Preparation, characterization and Gas sensing studies of Nano metal oxides (VGST-YSR)
  • Nano-Engineered photocatalyst for hydrogen production from water (VGST)
  • Design of a Compressor Module for a Small Gas Turbine Engine (DRDO)
  • Many students are sponsored by external agencies.  Since its inception Research Council at MVJCE, has been encouraging all researchers on campus and its efforts are reflected in the following table.
Grant Received ~ 80 Lakhs (INR)
New Projects (Applied -7) ~ 180 Lakhs (INR)
Project Proposals (in pipe line) 12
Journal Papers in 2017 (Published) 23
Journal Papers (in pipeline) 46
Number of Research Centres (VTU recognized) 8
Number of Faculty pursuing Ph.D. 71
  Executive Committee:  
S. No. Name of The Faculty Designation Dept.
1 Dr. N. Gunasekharan Chairman ME
2 Mrs. Brindha M. Member ECE
3 Dr. V. Bhujanga Rao Advisor Invitee
4 Dr. V. Venkatesham Coordiantor CH
5 Mr. Srinivasan D. Member AE
6 Ms. Deepa Acharya Member CSE
7 (Dr.) Vetrivel N. Member CV
8 Mrs. Sheher Banu Member ECE
9 Dr. Abraham George Member EEE
10 Mr. Kumar R Member ISE
11 Mr. Shankar Member ME
12 Dr. Ramachandran Member CHY
13 Dr. Poornima R Member MAT
14 Dr. Ramadas Balan Member PHY
15 All HODs Member All
16 Mrs. Anupama Member CV