All Clubs at MVJCE actively participate in intercollegiate festivals, promoting team spirit, originally and hard work.

Aero modelling Club

The Aero Modelling club comprises the glider section; the wire-controlled, powered, fixed-wing aircraft models section; the remotely-controlled fixed-wing aircraft flight simulator section; and the remotely-controlled fixed-wing aircraft section.

Club CoordinatorsPDF

Students fabricate models from balsa wood and assemble knocked-down kits. The college regularly organises aero modellers’ meets, participates in competitions, and plans to develop more futuristic models. The Aero Modelling Club includes activities involving UAV, RC helicopters, aircraft with auto stabilisers and jet engine-powered models.


“AGNIUDAYA- Sparks Rising into Fire”, the Departmental Club for the Department of Management Studies was formally inaugurated on the 25th of August 2012 by Chief Guest, Mr. Avinash Singh (HR – Infosys, Bangalore).

Club CoordinatorsPDF
Club Activity Agniudaya on “Best Manager”PDF

The club is designed to organize activities on a regular basis which promotes and fosters team spirit and helps students implement management concepts practically. The club also promotes and encourages cooperation and amicable relations among students, to provide a medium through which information of interest and values are readily gathered and communicated to students, by arranging regular activities. Various events that are conducted every year by the club include: Speaker Series, Workshops, Alumni Interaction, Panel Discussion, and Team building and skill building exercises etc. to make our students corporate ready.

inTELEgenze Club

The club “inTELEgenze” is a technical club under the Department of Telecommunication Engineering.

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Event - Hardware DebuggingPDF

This club was inaugurated on 10-3-2012 by Mr. Vijaypandian Technical Lead, Mirafra Technologies, Bangalore. The club conducts events periodically throughout the year such as Technical quiz, Technical debates, Seminar and mini project to develop a comprehensive knowledge of telecommunication. All these are carefully selected targeting students of all years. Click to see report on “Exhibit Talent- Hands on Experience on Circuit Designing”


The literary club has three chapters for Quiz, Oratory, and Pen-Craft. Literatti first began as a tenuous idea, morphed into a dedicated club, and now has a pan-college presence.

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Theatre Club

The students of the Theatre club are professionally trained by one of the city’s leading theatre groups. The initiative also enables the students to improve their communication and presentation skills while giving a boost to their confidence.

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The Technical Club of Department of Master of Computer Applications, “MITA” (Master in Innovative Technical Activities) was inaugurated in September 2012.

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The students participate in events like Technical Skill Test, Tech Talk, Aptitude Test, Student Seminar and attended various workshops and guest lecturers. Involving in these activities help the students to improve their Technical, communication skills and learning for better career opportunities.

NIC Club

“The Computer Science and Engineering dept inaugurated the Nova Innovative Compskey club on 23rd August, 2012 at Smt. Rajalakshmi Jayaraman Seminar Hall. The club is driven by faculty coordinators & student coordinators who plan & conduct different types of intra-department & inter-department innovative events.”

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Club Activities PDF
CSE NIC Club Activity AgilePDF
NIC-Sparkle Dash ReportPDF

The club conducts events like quiz, brochure design, poster design, technical talk etc. through which students can show their talent & take home a measure of honour & prize

Srishti Club

In order to exploit energetic students who continually explore and experiment with design pedagogies, values and innovative practices “ Srishti” club was started in Civil Engineering Department. As part of club activity events like quizzes, model making, debate, poster presentation etc are organized.

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Civil Engineering - Best Out of Waste ReportPDF


“DynaMech” the departmental club promotes activities of co-curricular & extracurricular nature that are aimed to provide a platform to stimulate interests, that augment classroom knowledge. Lectures by expert speakers form both industry & academia are organised.

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Periodically Seminars, Workshop and Conferences as well as Quiz, Debate & design competitions are organized with the dual motives of bringing in the latest developments to the students directly from experts , and also to bring about industry-academia interaction. FurthersStudents chapter of Institute of Engineers is operational. In order to make students Industry ready, specialized training modules in CAD, CAM, CAE is provided through finishing School – CADAM (Centre for Advanced Design & manufacturing) in Mechanical Engineering Design and Analysis tools. In order to inculcate innovation & hands-on approaches to design, manufacture, assembly & testing, students are encouraged to be part of forum that trigger innovations, such as Go kart, SAE- BAHA & Robotics.


A Medical Electronics Engineer uses technical expertise to analyse and solve problems in Biology and Medicine in order to provide an overall enhancement of Human healthcare.

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Club Activities PDF
Medical Electronics department - Medlaunchers 2018PDF

The department of Medical Electronics thus proudly started its own Departmental club ”MEDLAUNCHERS” on the 10th of March, 2012. Our Guest of Honour for the evening was Dr. Devakumar. D, Radiologist, CMC Hospital, and Vellore.


Want to be efficient engineers “engineered for tomorrow”? - start working from today.
The club “TECH-SAS” is a Technical Departmental club under the Department of Chemical Engineering.

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TECH-SAS Club Activity on “Prison Break” PDF
Report on CrossroadsPDF

This club was inaugurated on 8/11/2015 by Mr. Arjun Bhattacharya, India Technology leader for GE power, Bangalore. Motto: To provide a platform to bring academic knowledge into actions with asprinkle of innovation and fun. It’s also an effort to update the older and outdatedtechniques with better engineering trends. Apart from the regular Academics this club conducts the Fun and Technical events periodically throughout the year, taking into consideration of all the Different Departments and Different Semester Students the event will be decided. After the Inauguration of the Club events named Pollut-o-graphy, Scrapuzzle has been conducted.


The Spark club of Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering was inaugurated on 05/04/2014 by Mr. Vijay H Bhosale (Scientist E, LRDE).

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Faculty coordinators along with student coordinators organize events such as Model building competition, Poster Presentation etc. This motivates the students to involve in group projects and to explore the recent trends in electrical and electronics filed.


With an aim to create technical awareness among the engineering students, the Electronics and Communication Engineering Department of MVJ College of Engineering, Bangalore, inaugurated “E-FORZA”, the Department club for students, on 17th February 2012.

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The students participate in events like Technical Skill Test, Tech Talk and Seminar and attended various workshops and guest lecturers. Involving in these activities help the students to improve their Technical, communication skills and learning for better career opportunities. The club is driven by faculty coordinators & student coordinators who plan & conduct different types of intra-department & inter-department innovative events.

Tomorrow’s Engineers club

The Tomorrow’s Engineers Club is an MVJCE affiliated club. Considering societal problems as one of the major concerns of tomorrow’s engineers, the Tomorrow’s Engineers club of MVJCE provides opportunities for its participants from all the disciplines to work together, think out-of-the-box, and present their ideas as solutions to the societal problems.

Tomorrow’s Engineers Report – February 2018PDF
Tomorrow’s Engineers Report – August 2018PDF

Major goals of the club:
  • To take up Engineering as a team sport.
  • To get involved with fellow students and give solutions for community-defined problems.
  • To think out-of-the-box and discover new areas of interest.
  • To develop network with industry professionals.
  • To make members reach pinnacles of success, inside and outside the classroom.
Inauguration of the Club: The 1stworkshop on ‘Creative Thinking, Innovation and Problem-Solving’, under Tomorrow’s Engineers Club, was inaugurated by Dr. K. Kasturi Rangan, former ISRO chairman, on 11th March, 2016. The other experts who hosted this workshop were Dr. B N Suresh, Dr. Kota Harinaraya, Dr. Sudhakar, Dr.Shaja, Dr.Jolly and Mr. Tito KishanVemuri. The inspiration to launch the club was kindled by the MVJCE Governing Council Chairman Dr. BN Suresh. The Practice: The Tomorrow’s Engineers workshop brings together the engineering community in a collective way, to build future-ready engineers possessing the ability to think differently, with enhanced problem-solving skills in compliance with industry demand. The workshop on ‘Creative Thinking, Innovation and Problem-Solving’conducted by the Tomorrow’s Engineers club gave the student participants an insight into the following:
  • What is engineering and what are the marvels in the engineering field.
  • Importance of problem-solving skills, creativity and innovation in engineering.
  • The need for a systematic approach towards problem-solving.
Policy of the Club:
  • Ideas should be relevant to either Industry or Society.
  • Interdisciplinary groups should be formed.
  • A minimum of 6 to a maximum of 10 members from different disciplines should be there in each group.
Main Coordinator: Prof. SanchariSaha, HOD-ISE Department Co-coordinators:
  1. Kavyashree C V, AP, CSEDepartment
  2. PuvadaPraveena, AP, EEEDepartment

Eikon club

Our Information Science & Engineering department club encourages ISE students and students of various engineering discipline to participate in different events we organize which mainly focus on developing students technical, conceptual and ethical skill. The events we conduct as a part of Eikon department club improves students confidence, conceptual thinking , technical skills and groom them to know and involve in ethical prospects. Many students from our branch and different engineering branches participate to show case their respective skills and have won prizes. So our department club binds the minds of interdisciplinary engineering branches to steer the changes in technological advancements.

Brain Chase ReportPDF
Club CoordinatorPDF
Eikon Club Event Report on ‘NIRMANA’PDF

Software Development Club (SDC)

The Software Development Club (SDC) was inaugurated on 10 th Feb 2016 by Mr. Atanu Dasgupta, Head of R&D HPE ITOM Orchestrate Products and Solutions. The motive was to impart to students the importance of coding, developing applications and knowing about the various design tools, desktop computing techniques used in the industry currently. The knowledge on recent technology and services used in application development is also roofed in the club.

MVJCE CodeQuest 2018PDF
Seminar on career opportunities in UI UX DesignPDF
Creative Connect ReportPDF
UIX Workshop ReportPDF
SDC Session Report February -18PDF
SDC Session Report March - 18PDF

It is a platform where the students are trained in the following phases.
  • Exploring and formulating ideas for real world problems
  • Training on UI/UX design to depicting their ideas using design tools.
  • Training on program design techniques
  • Training on various program/script writing skills and user-interface design process
  • Inspire students to work as an individual or as a team.
The training session are conducted during Saturday afternoon and after the class hours every semester. The training sessions mainly focus on program/script writing skill and user- interface design skill. The training conducted during the last three semesters include session on Photoshop, PHP, C#.Net, Python and Vb.Net. Also the club plans competition every semester mainly testing the skills on the topics and the hand-on that are given during the training session. There are two Microsoft Student Partners (MSP) in the club and as part of the MSP program the club creates awareness program among students on becoming Microsoft Student Partner. Furthermore, as part of MSP program, seminars on recent Microsoft technologies/ services are conducted. The applications developed in the club include Kiosk for MVJCE (MVJ Way Finder), MVJ Student Notice Board (A Broadcast Application), MVJ Library Book Requisition Software, leave Automation Software and Proctorial Automation System.

Maths Club MATLITE

“MATLITE” Club was started by the Department of Mathematics, MVJ College of Engineering in 2016.It was inaugurated by Dr. M. . Ramachandran, Senior Scientist,ISRO Satellite Centre, Bangalore. This club was introduced with an idea of developing the skills of analysing, problem solving, mathematical modelling etc. among the students. As part of club activity,we have organized various events, to mention a few puzzles solving, mathematical art work & 3D painting, math seekers etc.

Mathematical Art WorkPDF
Brain TeasersPDF
Pi day celebrationPDF
Mathematical Modelling ReportPDF

  • To create interest among students in solving Mathematical problems apart from regular syllabus.
  • It will assist the students in determining the mathematical representation of an engineering problem
  • To motivate the students to work as a team in solving problems.
  List of activities
Sl No. Name of the event Date
1 Brain-O-Brain 27.08.2016
2 Mathematical Modelling 22.10.2016
3 Math Seekers 01.04.2017
4 Mathematical Art Work & 3D Painting 16.09.2017
5 Brain Teasers 02.11.2017
6 National Mathematics Day-GANIT 22.12.2017
  Outcome of the events in students’ growth
  •  Understanding Mathematical concepts and logics as well as the importance of team work.
  • It motivates the students to get the knowledge, interest about the applications of Mathematics in engineering apart from the regular syllabus.
  • It will improve the ability to think in different aspects
  • Improves creativity among students