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Alumni Day (2nd Saturday of May)
Alumni Day brings together large numbers of old students from across the world. Alumni interact with faculty to share and re-live their memories and experiences. They also meet present students to motivate and guide them after their education at MVJCE.
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Founder’s Day (May 17)
This day carries forward the legacy of Dr. M V Jayaraman by recognising students for excellence in academics, sports and cultural activities. Faculty who have made a significant contribution to the development of the students and the college are conferred with the Best Teacher award. Plans for the future are also shared and discussed on this day.
Founder’s Day 2015 report
Founder’s Day 2014 report
MVJCE’s annual cultural festival hosts over 50 colleges from around the state to compete, display and prove their excellence in extracurricular activities. Swayam has previously featured performances by popular artistes and bands, including Synapse, Parikrama, Swaratma, Euphoria, Bombay Vikings and All the Fat Children.
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Events at a glance
Alumni Day
Founder’s Day
Graduation Day
MVJCE’s national-level technical extravaganza encourages student creativity and innovation. This festival showcases conventional paper presentations and quizzes to fun-filled activities like robotics, gaming and designing. The festival also acts as a gateway for students to win internships with reputed companies.
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Graduation Day (2nd Saturday of May)
All Engineering and Management students who have obtained this degree from VTU would be conferred with the certicificates during the Graduation ceremony.
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